Inside Out or Outside In? The Best Methods for Appraisal Inspections

When it comes to the best method for appraisal inspections, it actually comes down to
personal preference. An appraiser will determine the process that works best for them –
whether that is working from the inside out, or the outside in.

While there is no set rule when it comes to the best method for appraisal inspections, the
popular choice is going from the outside in, meaning an appraiser will measure the outside
of the property first, and then move inside. Let’s look at the least popular method first.

The Inside-Out Method

One key benefit to the inside-out method of home appraisals is that the appraiser only has
to knock on the front door once. Additionally, the appraiser can interview the homeowner
first so they can look for items on the outside of the home that was mentioned when they
get outside, such as sprinkler systems, a well, septic systems, and more.

Those appraisers who work in crazier weather tend to favor this approach because they can
avoid bringing dirt into the home. Once the interior part of the appraisal is done, the outside
work can be taken care of next. living room of a home

The Outside-In Method

The best part of the Outside-In method is that the appraiser can start with a wide footprint
of the property beforehand. An appraiser can determine the amenities on the outside,
survey the exterior, then ask questions about his or her findings when they move to the
interior of the home. Additionally, an appraiser can double check measurements from the

The downside to implementing this method in your appraising techniques is that it is more
time-consuming and requires the homeowner to come to the door twice. However, this
approach is most popular with appraisers because it can be more difficult to complete the
sketch without the footprint first.


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